As a “beginner” in the blogging world, I wanted to create something that would be useful to my audience.  I explored many food blogs that already have a wide variety of delicious recipes.  As a busy twenty-something, I find it takes hours out of my precious weekend to search through all these wonderful recipes and plan my meals for the week.  If I don’t put in the time, I end up running to the store 3+ times during the week to get the 1-2 ingredients missing for a recipe- or- I end up purchasing something pre-made, which takes a major toll on my wallet.  I decided to keep it simple (and make the weekly planning simpler for others) by blogging about my own plans and what I cook each week.  I will link you to other blogger’s recipes, draw upon my own cookbook collection, and throw in my own recipe or two along the way- and- I will even create a weekly grocery list for you .  As an RD, my plans will be nutritionally balanced- and as a foodie- contain a treat or two along the away!

You will begin to notice that my philosophy is to enjoy, healthy, well-made, delicious food.  I look beyond calories and believe in eating flavor-packed food that can satiate us in one portion.  This includes eating balanced meals that contain healthy sources of fat and protein.  To view my favorite “healthy recipes”, check out recipes categorized as “Delicious but Nutritious” under each section in my Recipe Index.  These are recipes I have approved or re-vamped to make a healthier choice.

Because I also understand that having a healthy relationship with food involves indulging every so often, you will also notice recipes categorized as “Indulgences” in my index.

A key to meal planning and food prep involves having a well-stocked pantry.  Check out what is inside  my Pantry.

To get some quick “bytes” of nutritional knowledge, explore my Nutrition section.  For tips on navigating the kitchen and food scene, check out Kitchen Tips.

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