What I Ate This Week: January 11-17

Back at work now for a couple weeks, it feels like we have finally gotten into our routine. This week’s menu features one of my favorite recipes which is definitely an indulgence, Wild Mushroom Tart by Whole Foods Market.  I balanced it out with a few healthier recipes, one being my own, Salmon Burgers, and two from fellow bloggers.  As promised, I wanted to share my salmon burger recipe with you as it definitely aligns with my theme this past week- eating healthy on a budget- enjoy!


  • Mushroom Tart (Whole Foods Market)– This can be a delicious meal when paired with a salad.  I have also served it in smaller slices as an appetizer- it is loaded with a rich, earthy flavor.  If you’re a mushroom lover, add this to the top of your “To Try” list.  I rarely buy creme fraiche (because I use a bit and then it goes to waste AND it’s expensive).  Instead, I thin out some sour cream with a little bit of half and half.
  • Green SaladMushroom Tart


  • Leftover Mushroom Tart- I doubled the recipe and made two tarts.  One could serve two for two dinners, but we like to eat it for lunch as well.
  • Green SaladMushroom Tart



  • Tangled Thai Salad with Peanut Lime Dressing (The Canadian Gift Guide)– I am loving any opportunity to try out my new spiralizer.  I came across this recipe and was lured in by the peanut lime dressing.  It was delicious.  The jicama available in our stores was sad looking and I didn’t add the salad topper, I just garnished with roasted peanuts.  I think you could put this dressing on just about anything and it would taste good.  Add a little shredded chicken for some extra protein.Tangled Thai Salad


  • Migas (Nutritious Eats)– Who said you can’t have breakfast for dinner?  Unlike traditional breakfasts, this recipe includes all food groups you would typically eat at dinner, so it’s nicely balanced.  I had a few corn tortillas in the freezer that would likely fall apart if I tried to use them the next time I made Fish Tacos– this recipe was a great way to use them.  This Tex-Mex recipe was full of flavor (and veggies).  Thanks Nutritious Eats!Migas
Lauren is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who finds relaxation amongst pots, pans and good ingredients. From an early age, Lauren grew up cooking alongside her mother, Angela. After finishing a Bachelor of Science degree, Lauren realized she wanted to integrate her love for food and cooking into her career and went back to school to become a Registered Dietitian.

After completing a primarily pediatric internship in Vancouver, Canada, Lauren’s personal life led her to the Southern United States. Lauren is now soaking up the cultural and culinary flavors of New Orleans in her time off from practicing in a local pediatric clinic. Lauren has a special interest for educating children and adolescents on not only eating healthy, but also learning the skills to prepare healthy food. Prior to becoming a dietitian, Lauren led a children’s after school cooking camp and continues to enjoy educating children and their parents in her current work setting.

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