Our European Adventure- Tuscany

Traveling Tuscany by Eating with a Purpose

Sadly, Doug and I didn’t get to fully appreciate and explore Tuscany.  Our first day we awoke to beautiful weather and had a great day.  Unfortunately on our second day, both of us woke up not feeling well, and it was pouring rain.  Luckily we had an amazing first day and were able to enjoy plenty of food and wine.  The scenery was gorgeous, and renting a car was definitely the perfect way to see the countryside.  We found some valuable information on travel blogs, and I definitely want to direct you that way too!

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Our European Adventure- Florence

Your Guide to Florence by Eating with a PurposeFlorence (aka Firenze) was my favorite city of the trip- I think this may have been due to the fact that food and cooking were the main focus of this stop.  Florentine cuisine does include some “serious” meat dishes, which Doug loved.  The pasta and veggie dishes were equally as fabulous.  The highlight for me of this destination, in fact of the whole trip, was the cooking class we took.  In addition to lots of food and cooking, Florence has some beautiful historic architecture and museums to explore.  I hope you enjoy my recommendations!

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Our European Adventure- Cinque Terre

Travelling Cinque Terre by Eating with a Purpose         Hello again long lost friends!!!  Doug and I just returned from our “pre-wedding” honeymoon in Europe.  I know it sounds cliché, but we truly had the trip of a lifetime.  We started in Cinque Terre and traveled through Florence and Rome before flying to Greece and experiencing Nafplio, Athens and Santorini.  It was the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.  Because Doug and I relied so much on suggestions from travel bloggers, I’ve decided to share our adventure with you through a series of posts.  I hope that I may make your planning a little easier should you ever plan a visit to one of these gorgeous locations.  Each post will feature links to our accommodation, activities and of course, favorite restaurants in each destination.  I’ll admit, because our location is in flux right now between New Orleans, Seattle and Vancouver, my recipe and nutrition posting will be somewhat limited (as it has been).  I assure you, these will be returning later in June once we are settled (and married!!!)

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Salmon with Sundried Tomato Pesto

Salmon with Sundried Tomato Pesto by Eating with a Purpose

On Friday we received some exciting news- we will be moving to Seattle for Doug’s residency at University of Washington.  We are absolutely thrilled, as we were so hoping to be closer to family and friends.  Over the next three months, we will be traveling here there and everywhere prior to our wedding in June.  We depart for Europe at the end of the month and will be traveling throughout Italy and Greece for our pre-wedding honeymoon (residency starts shortly after our wedding).  I hope to find some time over the next couple months to share our adventure with you.  As you can imagine, our honeymoon is going to be heavily focused on food!   It’s kind of been a roller coaster ride the past couple weeks, so cooking has not been a priority.  Thankfully, this month’s Recipe Redux theme is all about keeping things simple.  We were challenged to create a recipe with 7 ingredients or less.  I’ve been meaning to share this amazing salmon recipe with you, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.  While my Soy Maple Glazed Salmon is my go-to, this is another favorite.  It’s perfect for Spring and the start of grilling season!

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What I Ate This Week: February 29-March 6

You may have noticed my posting frequency has decreased a little- we are trying to squeeze in every last activity before we move.  Given that many activities in NOLA focus on food, my cooking and therefore blogging, has been put on the back burner.  There was definitely a 5 day stretch last week where the majority of my meals were prepared by someone else.  Taking a break from cooking is sometimes nice, but my body was craving homemade (healthy) food by week’s end.  We’re doing a little better this week, in anticipation of our 2 month adventure beginning in less than 2 weeks…more on that to come.  I tried a delicious new meatball recipe from Ottolenghi last week, thanks to a recommendation from a friend.  They were so good, I recommended my Mom make them for her dinner party the following evening.  Check it out below!  Instead of giving you a day by day overview (which would have included a lot of restaurant food), I decided to share recipes I’ve made over the past couple weeks.

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What I Ate This Week: February 21-27

Time is flying!  We are less than three weeks away from finding out where our adventure will take us next.  As you can imagine, we are trying to soak in every last minute of this amazing city.  Yesterday I joined my friends on a quick trip to Abita Springs for some biking and beer tasting in the sunshine (well, we tried to bike, but we had difficulty transporting the bikes there, so it turned into a walk/run- definitely need to purchase a bike rack).  Some of you may recognize the name as Abita beer is sold throughout the US.  Today we’ll be watching the Oscars at our friends.  A request was made for my carrot cake, so I’ll be working on that today!  This week’s line-up was unintentionally pescatarian (vegetarian + seafood), and so delicious.

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Arugula & Pesto Breakfast Sandwiches

Arugula & Pesto Breakfast Sandwiches by Eating with a Purpose

I’ve always been a boring breakfast person.  I get into routines where I will eat the same thing for a couple years, and then finally tire of it.  Currently, my go-to is almond butter on an English muffin.  I think since living with Doug, I’ve tried to add some variety on the weekends.  We have both fallen in love with this little breakfast sandwich, which is so easy to throw together on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  The best part- we usually have all of the ingredients on hand.  When this month’s Recipe Redux theme challenged us to break out of  “Breakfast Boredom,” I knew I wanted to share this delicious sandwich with you.  Eggs are a great source of healthy protein that have a relatively long shelf life (in comparison to meat or fish), so they’re easy to keep on hand.  Sometimes, I even make them for lunch!

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Cookbook Review: Happy Cooking by Giada De Laurentiis

Cookbook Review: Happy Cooking by Giada di Laurentiis

I have always been a fan of Giada’s style of cooking.  Her modern take on classic Italian dishes gives a new spin on traditionally heavier dishes.  Giada and Ina (the Barefoot Contessa) have always been my favs on The Food Network.  While their dishes are very different, I rarely try a recipe that doesn’t get added into my regular rotation.  I already own one of Giada’s cookbooks, Everyday Italian, which is well used.  When presented with the opportunity to review Giada’s newest cookbook, Happy Cooking I jumped at it!  Happy Cooking is full of fresh, updated recipes that are heavy on veggies and heart-healthy ingredients.  If you are fan of the style of food in my weekly recipe recaps, I think you would love this book.

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What I Ate This Week: February 8-14

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!  I hope you treated yourself.  We spent the weekend checking off our “Louisiana” bucket list before we move in just over a month!  Instead of going out for a Valentine’s day dinner, we decided to make a fancier meal at home and watch a good flick.  My go-to fancy meal, Ina Garten’s Tagliarelle Pasta with Truffle Butter, was delicious.  If you love mushrooms, you’ve got to try this dish.  It is a little pricy to make (about $10 for the truffle butter) but so easy and much less than you would ever pay in a restaurant.  Doug isn’t really a pasta fan, but went back for seconds of this one.  I made my carrot cake, so overall it was a pretty indulgent day weekend.  Earlier this week, we enjoyed another dish from Pinch of Yum and a recipe from Giada’s new cookbook.  Look for the recipe when I share my review soon!  Have a great week.

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Wild Blueberry Pie Smoothie

Wild Blueberry Pie Smoothie by Eating with a Purpose

Who knew pie could be healthy?  This delicious little smoothie tastes just like the real thing, yet is loaded with fiber, calcium, antioxidants and protein.  Basically, I am saying you can get away with eating this pie (smoothie) for breakfast.  I’ll admit I find it difficult to feel satisfied with just a smoothie for breakfast.  That may be because many commercially available smoothies are typically low in protein, diluted with ice and loaded with sugar – this recipe is quite the opposite.  Frozen wild blueberries are used in this recipe to create that same frozen consistency and add the perfect amount of natural sweetness.  Together with the blueberries, a scoop of oats boosts the fiber to take you through to lunch. Continue reading